My girlfriend told me that I’m everything she ever wanted in a spouse, and I just melted

This summer has been kinda rough for us since she’s across the country doing an internship, and my love language is very physical, so it’s been crazy. But today, she and I were FaceTiming, and she told me that I was everything she ever wanted in a partner for life, and that is probably the single most meaningful thing she has ever said to me. I know we’re both in college, and we’re still a couple weeks out from the two year mark, but I seriously think that I found the one, and I think she agrees

My girlfriend is a very light sleeper. Somehow even when she’s sleeping, she registers what’s going on in the outside world. I, on the other hand, have sleep problems so I’m usually up later than she is. Some reports:
  1. If I kiss her while she’s asleep, she always kisses back.
  2. If I tell her I love her while she’s asleep, she says it back. Bonus: if I whisper it, she whispers back too.
  3. If I shift around on the bed and get close to her shoulder, she kisses my forehead immediately.
  4. If I ask to cuddle, she immediately puts her arms around me and kisses me.

Every time, she does this and goes right back to sleep. She’s only conscious for that split second it takes to respond. She has no memory of this in the morning. It makes me feel so special and safe.

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